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National Central Library-Nairobi, Kenya.

Part 1 Project 2005
Bisher Abdulkarim Fawaz
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture And Technology Nairobi Kenya
The library concept is the Shield as featured in the Kenyan Flag. The overall form in terms of plans, sections, elevations and 3 dimensions is uniquely abstracted from the Shield. This is creatively expressed in the skylights, atriums, plazas, fountains and a multi-level parking block which acts as a noise buffer. The community receives services ranging from books, reading spaces, audio-visual areas, exhibition areas, gift shops, coffee shops, outdoor areas and educative gardens. This library responds to the site by creatively completing the circle of monuments hence making the streets more vibrant yet enhancing information flow through its architecture.
Bisher Abdulkarim Fawaz

The project is successful in realisation from it's thesis "Light Interplay in Generation of Architectural Form" It has creatively taclked the functional and aesthetic aspects of a Public library through the use of a simple traditional concept "The Shield" This provides the users with a magnificient building yet with an architecture they can identify with. In addition it responts perfectly to the site and neighbourhood in terms of curbing noise pollution, transportation and completing a circle of monuments. This projects also features creative intergration of green spaces in the city hence reducing Urban Heat and The Green House effect.

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