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The Briefcase/Suitcase Merger.

Part 1 Project 2005
Vicky Patsalis
University of Westminster, UK
This tower explores a prefabricated modular system of individual work/live units which echo its structure and essence. Its amalgamation of structural components emulating the oil-rig effect plays a parallel with the assortment of consultants that gather for an intense short-haul period where the merge of materiality meets a melting of minds.

Imagine a variety of professionals be it freelance or corporative accumulating from a wide spectrum to collect and create intensively for a two week period on a particular assignment via a communal/individual work/live strategy, a place where your briefcase and suitcase will merge.

Vicky Patsalis

The programme is a hybrid, located somewhere between a hotel that provides IT facilities and an office that provides sleeping accommodation.
The intention of the brief was to explore the notion of Live-Work or more appropriately Work-Live as a fluctuating relationship. It is part commodity, part identity, part negotiation, part appropriation.
Vicky's take on it is to formalize it into a succession of small units linked together through hanging garden and sky plaza overlooking a more formal garden situated on a valley. It is a combination of prefabricated units and generous open space, an appropriation of a garden within a vertical tower.

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