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Abercrombie Escape

Part 1 Project 2005
Alex Kaiser
Oxford Brookes University, UK
New studios are housed on the roof of the existing Architecture building in an airy space under a lightweight translucent canopy. Internally there are workshops and drawing areas in which are suspended translucent white inflatables for individual computer working. The structure for the enclosure, a balanced cantilever of timber spars with cast metal connectors hangs over the edge of the floor. From the spars hang cocoons with an exoskeleton that unfolds to provide sleeping accomodation for students working late.
Alex Kaiser

The project is distinguished by the creative interpretation of the programme and the ambition of the drawings, an extraordinary mix of hand and computer work. The work is not glossy. There is a lot of dust in the system. It is effective both as an internal space and as seen from a distance as it were on a wet and windy November day. It is exhaustively explored in detail. Technically there is a fascination in materials and how things go together.

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