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Healing Pool, Glasgow

Part 1 Project 2005
Harry Parr
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
The healing pool is a hydrotherapy centre and yoga studio. A holistic healing environment is created by carefully considering the relationship between the healing pool, the adjacent Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital and a bordering railway line. Patients transverse a variety of thresholds on their journey from the outside world to the sanctum of the pool hall. These thresholds are formed through spatial sculpture, lighting and materiality. Ultimately patients are ‘reborn’ as they enter the pool hall and this new experience is then gradually recombined with the outside world to create a new start.

Harry Parr

The proposal offers a radical departure from most clinical spaces, with a series of folding planes and plates offering layers of containment, climate control and privacy to the user. The proposal focuses on the experience the building provides as an active partner of the healing process, both internally and externally.

Floating cloudlike, the lightness of the roof is evident from the beginning of the journey to healing, becoming truly apparent having experienced the pool itself, its elegant form being the result of rigourous technical investigation, with careful manipulation of light material and surface.

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