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'Betty Broadbent’s Tattooing Parlour’

Part 1 Project 2005
Vanessa Vorster
University of Nottingham, UK
Condition is defined as a landscape, an ephemeral, immediate context of object. Emerging as the pattern of the zebra stripe or the human fingerprint. The object becomes obsolete and the condition becomes the tattooed bodysuit of Betty Broadbent. The architecture is the tattoo artist, a travelling ritual evolving in and out of Middlesbrough, designed as a temporary installation injecting, at a predetermined frequency, into the existing landscape of Middlesbrough. Weaving. Tattooing. Uniting the debris of used conditions. Patterns emerge creating new identities. An urban regeneration of obsolete objects. Processes. Buildings. To become part of the Middlesbrough industrial circus again.
Vanessa Vorster

The project is an enquiry derived from research into the term and philosophy of ‘human condition’ as construction.
'Betty Broadbent’s Tattooing Parlour’ deals with the constant change of the condition of architecture, whereas condition is not static or descriptive, but a modus operandi. It's the main activity of a piece of architecture, context and extensions, the users. Vanessa’s project is an interactive piece in industrial Middlesbrough where peripherical structures are inhabited by Tattooing Parlours weaving and printing fabric.
Project creates new questions about the relation of human, architecture, construction and last but not least ornament as function.

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