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Molenbeek west station, urban park Brussels west

Part 0 Project 2005
WENK Sint Lucas Brussels BRUSSELS Belgium
This project is situated in a neighbourhood with a negative reputation. The location of the west station is situated between anonymous modernistic buildings of the 20th century and a town sector designed in the 19th century. We want to improve this location by creating a green area at the west side of Brussels. In order to realize this we have to remove unused railway infrastructure. We use a few tools to create this park. The edges of the green area are the most important spots of my design. The interaction with the urban fabric is also an essential key of the design. The beginning of the new park will be a new centre for the west of Brussels. It is also an announcement of the historic town centre. At this location we designed a new station for the bus, the train, and the subway and examined a new program which includes the station, a library, a theatre, etc. The shape of this building is a tower situated at the head of the park.

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