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Reconnecting Suburbia

Part 1 Project 2005
Adam Rothwell
Kingston University, UK
Project 1 - Uniting uncomfortable boundaries

The series of walls begins to reveal the old town wall signifying exchanges of waste from the suburbaia.

Project 2 – The process of social value

The waste auction is an elaboration of the process of establishing value to an object through public involvement. The moments within the building especially the wall of social giving reveals this process.

Project 3 – Unconventional merging

The units begin to associate the aspects of the communal living and industry through an open ground plane uniting work with leisure.

Project 4 – Redefinition through mediation

Mediating a relationship between public and private realms. The circulation of the design begins to play upon this narrative through opposing conditions of domesticity and commerce.

Adam Rothwell

“Reconnecting Suburbia” is the title of Adam’s portfolio, which reveals the critical agenda behind the work which identifies the spatial logic of Suburbia. This is defined through categories such as “vague terrain”, “absent rooms”, “industrial / private hybrids”, and “functional redundancy”. Working within these parameters, and then using a series of programmatic interventions (auction house, materials test lab, and entrepreneurial units), the work formulates an agenda based on the repair of the room, circulatory hybrids, re-measuring, and elevation of the banal. The work contains wit, skill, beauty and rigour. This is a portfolio that works on almost every level.

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