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Intervention: Corrieshalloch Gorge Loch Broom

Part 2 Project 2005
Mhairi Archibald
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh UK
Set in a natural gorge of eighty-metre depth, a series of installations set out to heighten our perception of depth and solitude. Duality, transparency and centrality were all represented within the structures. The duality between the man made geometry of the installations and the free form of the natural landscape sought to heighten our perception and distil the beauty of the place in a timeless frame. The use of coloured glass and open framework offered a highly transparent viewing platform for the visitor. One travels the depth of the gorge to be alone with nature and with oneself.
Mhairi Archibald

This project offers a valuable contribution to modern theory of architecture. Rather than presenting another in the series of epistemologies, usually underpinning many contemporary designs, it identifies a concrete ontological source from which the architecture of place is transformed. By nurturing the ontological forces of attachment, transparency and centrality, the place maintains its authenticity and stands to the various pressures of modern time, which have threatened the systems that have sustained the place throughout its evolution. Mhairi successfully transferred her ideas into a design that is stunning in its expression of the natural beauty and culture of the Scottish Highlands.

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