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Bristol: a pedestrian city; Urban Environmental HQ.

Part 1 Project 2005
Arvind Varsani
University of Westminster, UK
The proposed Environmental Awareness Headquarters, lies on the Quayside of Bristols Floating Harbour. It provide a vital quayside development, which link in towards the City centre. It also acts as a point of arrival into the city making it iconic and representative of what the Cities future is about, 'Urban Sustainability.'
The buildings intention is become an automatic emblematic entrance, a point of reference and learning about the city and the environment. With in the scheme constitutes the Greenpeace headquarters, Bristol Living Rivers Project, the natural environment and the congestion charge.

Arvind Varsani

The site, in Bristol, was located at a confluence on the River Avon. The project inviting a celebration of the past, present and future of the city as a prosperous trading hub and cradle of technological invention. An emblematic and iconographically strong proposition was required to unite the Cities quayside with the local community. Arvind reconciled the practical needs of the cities future sustainability prospects by introducing an Environmental Awareness HQ. The scheme aims to act as a public learning station by exhibiting beneficial educational programs to do with Greenpeace, Environmental disasters, Global warming, and the Bristol Living Rivers project.

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