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Table of the city

Part 2 Project 2005
Nozomi Takeuchi
University of East London London UK
This is a story of an urban room defined by a window and table.
Does a window and table exist in the city?

Within the density and topographical context of the city of Genoa, the project creates a new public table out of the urban characteristics of precious open space combined with a presence of narrowness.

Two thin housing volumes are attached to an entrance tower in order to form a window opening onto the historical centre of the city. A new public room is also enclosed by placing a big dinning room at the end of the table.

Nozomi Takeuchi

Nozomi studied how Genoa has historically secured adequate level areas for important buildings, while adjusting the rest of the urban fabric to its steeply sloping ground. During her survey, Nozomi was particularly interested in the narrowness of the streets in relation to expansive church interiors, which she discussed creatively on architectural, environmental and technical levels. We were very impressed by her architectural understanding of the site and the way in which her proposal negotiated this alongside aspects of regeneration of the Castello hill. Nozomi’s project showed great creativity and maturity, without losing architectural richness and sensitivity towards the site.

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