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Museum of Jamaican Music

Part 2 Project 2005
Vidal Dowding
Maria Paula Bravo Mayorga
University of Technology Kingston Jamaica, West Indies
Museum of Jamaican Music #1668

Museums in their essence help to preserve the culture and heritage of a nation. They also serve as potential centres for earning revenue.

Jamaican Museums should serve that same purpose but there is a lack of “museum culture” and locals don’t visit these places very often. The objective of this exercise is to uncover the nature of this “museum culture” and how it can be reinterpreted and introduced into the local society, creating a space of which the history, preservation and advancement of Jamaican music is the core focus.

Vidal Dowding
Maria Paula Bravo Mayorga

1) An important subject chosen for a locally underappreciated cultural form.

2) A tight site in the centre of the CBD handled well for flows, visibility, and technical dexterity.

3) The understanding of the need for the museum to remain flexible for growing exhibits over time, and the buildings ability to handle new technologies and services.

4) The recognition that while the music emerged from a Jamaican cultural experience it is now an international art form. The building exhibits, a contemporary modern aesthetic in its fabric and tectonic systems with the iconography applied electronically and through individual exhibits.


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