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Immigrants Reception Centre in Ceuta, Spain

Part 0 Project 2005
University of Liverpool, UK
The scheme responds to the need for a new immigrant centre, expanding on Ceuta's existing facilities. The centre tries not to adopt any political stance towards the design approach of such a facility but rather responds to the site both topographically and environmentally. The design contains three core elements; personal space, communal space, and a constant involvement with the landscape and are programmed in a way that connect through the shemes differing levels

The centre aims to work and feel like a small community as opposed to a building in order to provide immigrants with a sense of security.

The Reception Centre is located in Ceuta, a Spanish city in Morocco. Here, African migrants are in Europe but in Africa; held by the Spanish authorities, but not in Spain. Across the strait is the rock of Gibraltar: a British territory. Edward deals with the dramatism of the migrant’s experience and the geographical conditions. It exposes the Centre to who all those arrive to Ceuta by sea or who enter the Mediterranean. Edward's project is spatially and formally interesting and also responds to local topography and the conditions of the Mediterranean climate.

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