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Part 2 Project 2005
Piotr Celewicz
Cracow University of Technology Krakow Poland
The idea of the Project was born from the influence of Lars von Trier’s movie Dogville and his theatrical creation of reality. An inscription as architecture? My project grows in compare with another inspiration –Kennedy Airport, which shows unlimited application of concrete. The form is three-dimensional transformation of the word DESIGN. It becomes a concrete surface, which surrounds a function. A futuristic idea of interactive architecture communicating with receivers forecasts the use of high-progressive technology like media walls with 3d movement&display or moving composing ribbon placed on a courtyard. It helps students of media design to learn creativity.
Piotr Celewicz

The nominated project is successful trial of feature new, fresh ideas and accurate utilization of advanced-technology. Adopted functional and spatial solutions influenced by interactivity, touch the problem of contacts between the architecture and the observer. The complex is successfully related to the context, in the city block defined by the Inffeldgasse and Sandgasse streets on the area belonging to the University of Technology in Graz, Austria. Through its own modern form, this object is well-corresponding with existing part, old and new alike – the latter designed by known ateliers Szyszkowitz- Kowalski and Riegler Riewe.

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