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Community garden housing, Cley-next-the-sea, Norfolk

Part 1 Project 2005
Frances Balaam
University of East London, UK
North Norfolk has an ethereal quality, with low land and huge skies there is an overwhelming feeling of space and marks reveal themselves effortlessly on the landscape. From a stone on the beach to the structure of a village, marks shift, delineate, fracture and enrich the landscape.

The housing at Cley has a particular relationship with the landscape that draws on the exploration of marks. Systems of paths, routes, poles and walls
interlace across the site. A new relationship between garden and house and village and landscape is established, creating a series of thresholds and challenging issues of privacy.

Frances Balaam

Our students explored the distinctive landscape of coast; marsh; village; field. They were asked to find programmes to help integrate new housing with existing. This student displayed a strong sensitivity to the landscape: its horizontality, materials and structure. She researched how people live, and how land is divided, cultivated, settled. Her brief included a system of land settlement that responds to the needs of local people. The architecture clearly has a human scale. It uses light, material and view to generate meaningful spaces. This is a plausible and exciting project: a way forward for future village expansion.

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