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Morphonics - "The Morphosis of Hydroponics"

Part 2 Project 2005
Souvik Das-Munshi
Manchester School of Architecture, UK
Morphonics is a regenerative scheme situated next to the Salford Crescent just outside of Manchester. The primary concept was to use hydroponics as a sustainable means to produce food and vegetation for the micro, meso and macro site. By growing food directly within the scheme, the energy required to transport produce to superstore shelves has been completely eliminated. The entire scheme was heavily based on an intimate relationship between 2d and 3d design, allowing a dynamic form to be developed, outside the realms of Cartesian realism. Sustainability has been integrated into the morphogenetic process of design at each key stage.
Souvik Das-Munshi

Sho’s scheme starts with a spatial analysis of the needs of Salford with respect to its future as a sustainable ‘slow city’. Space isn’t a luxury here – Salford has 62% ‘green(ish) space’ – it has decayed from within. The design is a new landscape insertion –a continuously productive urban landscape – that culminates in a hydroponic vegetable-producing supermarket that uses the re-invigorated canal as a transport route. The building itself is iconic – a folded surface that the water and people flow up and down. It is a precursor for a new hybrid city – which is a mechanical, botanical and virtual superorganism.

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