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Cultural Knot Doncaster

Part 1 Project 2005
Charles Caswell
University of Sheffield, UK
The site of Doncaster’s new Arts College is earmarked for future development, yet it is cut off from the town by an inner ring road. So too is St. George church, (one of Doncaster’s most visually impressive buildings). The neighbouring Market Hall has been so clogged up by temporary market stalls that its façade is barely visible, and the market is suffering as a consequence.
My proposal introduces a structure and a strategy to revitalise these facilities, allowing them to complement one another, and by doing so, focus
their energy into a new vibrant hub for Doncaster.

Charles Caswell

Focusing on the market area, the proposal aimed to reconnect existing cultural facilities and offer Doncaster a forum that could enrich personal experiences and public events. The intervention evolved into a bridging facility that would house a visual arts centre that could inspire the community, through different experiences relating to the teaching, production and viewing of art.
He has worked extremely hard to produce a fantastic tectonic proposal, which would act as a catalyst for future development. He provides an intelligent lively building that is not only architecturally sophisticated but is highly successful as a piece of exciting urbanism.

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