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Lincoln Brewery

Part 2 Project 2005
Karolina Szynalska
University of Lincoln, UK
The aim of the Lincoln Brewery project is to find a balance between architectural form and programmatic necessity, and to create a sublime structure that both inhabits and informs a river edge site in the city. The building is an extension of both the city and the river. It has a reflective, constantly changing skin and is a transitional building in an area of uncertain urban character and which lacks architectural cohesion.
The semi-public, semi-industrial nature of the project parallels the unease of the immediate urban context.
The internal arrangements are concerned with the relationship between audience and event.

Karolina Szynalska

The scheme developed through both the identification of subliminal city patterns and a creative engagement with a potentially restrictive brief.
Sitting on the edge of a busy vehicular route the building is both an advertisement and an eloquent container for a controlled production process. Implicit in the architecture is the notion that the building has been forcefully detached from the city’s thriving infrastructure; the expressive tendrils need reconnection whilst the reflective structure promises a new beginning.
Karolina has been thorough in her research and expansive in her engagement with the project.
The resultant scheme is both daring and controlled.

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