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Part 2 Project 2005
Tim Weeden
Kingston University Kingston-Upon-Thames UK
The Basketball Academy houses the London Towers Basketball Team and a number of community basketball organisations. It provides a permanent base for sport in the Lower Lea Valley. The scheme is an exploration of the way people participate in sport, how a building can adjust to differing requirements and changing inhabitation. Basketball is played in a number of situations, ranging from formal to informal. The Academy is situated under a new park which forms a bridge between fragmented communities and also links to other public amenities. The scheme mediates between the existing industrial landscape and the new public space.
Tim Weeden

The site falls to the South of the Mile End Road on the fringes of the ground of the London Olympic bid. The land currently remains cut off from the surrounding area in both programme and content. The studio first looked at the infrastructure and included a new flyover and raised park - which forms a part of this proposal. Tim’s Project for a basketball academy developed the idea of a sports academy which could thrive amidst the communities of East London and integrate the administration and viewing of basketball at its highest level with other activities in the area.

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