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Conception d'un motoryacht de 60 m à hautes performances

Part 2 Project 2005
Jean-Yves Jassois-Georges
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-la-Villette 75019 Paris France
The naval architecture and design of this private 200-foot fast motor yacht are inspired by stealth architecture: Slik shapes, minimalist appearance and breakthrough design compared to others yachts, specifics hull’s forms and hydrodynamics in order to reach a 53 knots speed. All the technical characteristics, such as the aluminium structure, the power or the safety on board were made according to international classification rules. The inside architecture and distribution layout shows an access to the sea in the centre of the yacht made by the use of retractable panels on both sides of the hull, creating an unusual living space.
Jean-Yves Jassois-Georges

Students having a good scientific background can follow an education in Naval Architecture - as a component of the Art of Architecture – and acquire there elements of ship theory and techniques implemented in ship building. They have to design a project which will develop their skills in representation of shapes, organization of limited spaces, knowledge in fluid mechanics, materials, structures, equipments … plus use of tools required in boat design.Within this framework the remarkable project " 200' fast motor yacht " (graduated summa cum laude) was completed by a student for his higher degree in Architecture.

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