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Mongkok Design Institute

Part 1 Project 2005
Kwun-hang Wu
Celia Chaussabel
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Hinted by the transitivity of the site interpreted as the internal buffer amongst 4 functional quadrants, the design school mediates movement from areas with distinct urban typologies and utilities. Carrying the intention of undulated strokes/dissected volumes superimposed onto existing axes and walkways, creating a multi-layered internal movement, floors, ramps and roofscape allow circulation to engross up and regulate programme and construction. While public accesses carve into the internal modulation with their experiential spontaneity, the undulation elaborates the ambiguity of the city/ school distinction, apprehending light and shade, a rapport of rhythmic visual breaks with the city’s.
Kwun-hang Wu
Celia Chaussabel

Situated between two contrasting urban conditions in Hong Kong—hyper-dense fabrics of Mongkok on one end and loose suburban fragments of Kowloon Tong on the other, the project attempts to weave the disjuncture of the two neighborhoods by proposing a sequence of “urban apertures” through which programmes of learning, i.e. school and community center, are inserted.

Through carefully aligned spaces of public and private-ness, of light and dark-ness, of activity and silence, the architecture speaks of the intrinsic natures of building as a connector between people, as a depository of memory, and as a phenomenon that which is much closer to Nature itself.


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