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Ritual, memory and project

Part 1 Project 2005
Juan Pablo Benavides Cárdenas
National University of Colombia, Bogotá Bogotá Colombia
The following work has been presented as my thesis project. The main intention was to use the rituals of a building as a basis from which to develop the project. I started from the premise that it is possible to learn from other important architectural projects, finding their basic principles and applying them in a similar fashion to a new construction and new program.

I selected five projects from different times, cultures and places in order to study them: Karnak (Egypt); Uxmal Mayas (Mexico); Buddhist temple of Horiu-ji (Japan); Muslim mosque (Cordoba); Christian church of Cluny (France).

Juan Pablo Benavides Cárdenas

The project is the result of a solid and clear theoretical exposition (approach), in which is valued the study and understanding of different buildings, whether they are modern, classic or ancient and belongs to different cultures, all of this into the design process.

This transverse look, contributes to understand the problems that arise the edifications, and could be considered as a tool for the architectural project.

In the project, is synthesized the learning of the analytical previous exercises, keeping the concepts of monument, temple and library and settles impeccably in the place with great sensibility and technical conscience.

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