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Part 2 Project 2005
Luke Hunter
University of Lincoln, UK
The scheme developed through the spatial and forensic analysis of a domestic vacuum cleaner and the waste it collected. ‘Residue’ exhibits and archives objects and machines that are commonly disposed of once there useful life is over - the vacuum cleaner being a prime example.
This idea was explored through the inversion of spaces surrounding or within objects. The dissection and casting of a conventional vacuum cleaner became a focus for investigation. In tandem, a microscopic study of the contents of the cleaner’s bag was carried out.
It is intended that the building exhibits a similar ‘mechanical’ spatial complexity.

Luke Hunter

The proposal is shaped by its attention to a non-traditional generator, the collection of dust and debris, and the analysis of a vacuum cleaner.
The project’s architectural language is derived from an intense observational process applied to this apparently banal event.
Luke’s uniquely insightful approach was rigorously developed through his understanding of and necessary dissociation from, this everyday activity that is known and familiar.
The scheme’s evolution was characterised by a process of disconnection and experimentation.
The resultant building is in effect a ‘ghost’ of the collector.
The scheme is underpinned by rigorous research into sustainability and recycling issues.

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