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MUSEUM OF MAN: A symbol of memory

Part 2 Project 2006
Ana Maria Jimenez Ramirez
Luis Arcesio Tobon Sanchez
National University of Colombia-Medellin Medellin Colombia
As a tree, the Museum of Man reaches toward the sky seeking light with pure and simple forms to become a symbol of memory. Also as a tree, the building uses its roots to gain nourishment and stability from the earth, as man uses his memory to support his existence. The path inside the museum, ascends from permanent galleries of the past to contemporary traveling exhibits. Reaching outward, the project embraces the visual presence of both natural and artificial landscapes, to accommodate cultural events by offering quality public spaces that allow the inhabitants to develop effective and intellectual memories.
Ana Maria Jimenez Ramirez
Luis Arcesio Tobon Sanchez

Our VIII semester project workshop aims to synthesize the acquired Knowledge in urban, architectural and technological areas, exploring the relations between public space and public building, in urban renovation areas. For to develop this objective, this level professors encourage students for design a museum into a parcel with a city urban ordinance as Science Public Park destination, near to Medellin’s downtown.

This project has been nominated for his creative and extreme symbolic solution to this architectural problem. The proposal interprets correctly the Science Public Park destination of the parcel, with topographical forms that clearly symbolize the archeological and anthropological subject of the museum.

Professor Juan Carlos Castañeda Acero.

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