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Centre for Wetlands Ecological Research and Environmental Education

Part 2 Project 2006
Drago Vodanovic U
University of Chile, Chile
The project was motivated by the incipient national interest to protect and to investigate natural significant areas, as the wetlands are.
Its architectural structure -conceptual, spatial, constructive- implies an important valuation and adjustment to its environment, looking for specific answers for the complex relation nature-edification.
The project’s path shape recognizes the different natural strata by it pass and generate the main connector space; the glazed gallery which permits the relation between programmes, users and mainly between architecture and nature. This gallery makes possible the use of natural renewable resources, creating a symbiotic relation between the building and its environment.

Drago Vodanovic U

The project stands out for several reasons; the first one is that it responds to a theme with international importance as the ecological disaster of the Chilean wetlands. That’s why a building of such characteristics supplies needs that the student discovered and designed in a remarkable visionary way.
The proposal has a very interesting way to be placed in the landscape, respecting its particular characteristics as well as taking advantage of its potential; which not only stands out in the spatial-form concept, but also in the intelligent development of the constructive design, going further by creating echo-conscious technological systems.

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