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Canterbury Centre of Cinematography

Part 2 Project 2006
Eric Osborne
University of Kent, UK
An opportunity to reintroduce the associated disciplines of cinematography into an urban context thought a multifunctional intervention on this site by reintroducing the cinema lobby as a social space at the centre of the urban activities. The form and functionality is to evoke clarity from outside and through the progression within this space I have utilised filmic techniques such as montage and fragmentary glimpsed space a kind of sharp editing that constantly leads the eye into the next scene. So as to detached the user from the reality of the pressures of urban life akin to what cinematography strives to achieve.
Eric Osborne

For his major design project, Eric devised a brief for the design of a new Centre for Cinematography in Canterbury on a site within the city walls which mediates between the urban conditions of city centre streets and the Dane John Gardens. A key idea in the design was the displacement of a new urban space to the garden side, which can be reached through the public areas of the building. Working from readings about montage, the design became multi-layered with visual interactions and new fragmentary ways of perceiving the building in its setting.

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