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Part 2 Project 2006
Juan Carlos Gomez Echavarria
José Manuel Romero Hernández
National University of Colombia-Medellin Medellin Colombia
El Bagre is a small Colombian town that presents some urban problems owing the chaotic growth generated by the migratory waves searching for gold. This situation brought provisional settlements without landscape and identity considerations, that damaged certain urban zones, like the swamp located in downtown.

Our proposal aims to recover the border of the swamp introducing 3 housing types which adapts to the conditions of the warm humid weather, working as a catalytic of the urban potential of the natural elements present in the municipality and creating an environmental conscience towards them.

Juan Carlos Gomez Echavarria
José Manuel Romero Hernández

The final year of our program offers in-depth lines of research thesis projects. The Housing in-depth line aims to solve urban problems with residential projects. El Bagre is a small town located in the Nechi’s river border in the center of Colombia, that has a swamp in downtown, which is strong ambientally damaged as a result of the chaotic growth of the migratory settlements searching for gold.

This project has been nominated for his pertinent solution to this problem. The proposal recover the border of the swamp with a contemporary version of the “palafitical” low income housing type, typical kind of dwelling in warm humid weather Colombian settlements.

Professor Juan Carlos Castañeda Acero.

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