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concept about a new latin-american habitat

Part 1 Project 2006
Arturo López
Andrés Motato
National University of Colombia - Manizales campus | Colombia
Concept about a new Latin-American habitat.
Because the political factor, it was moved some dwellings to the Colon avenue line; It propose the new families’ location.
Grant virtue due to its mobility, present the flexibility as a device of mutable space, it was grouping a center of services, allowing to gain surface, economic; it was designing objects that can be dismantled and that allow the free election.
adapting an additive sequence from space to space, that make possible the installation of totally free areas ; it was creating a physical-sensory exchange of the men with the city, connected in a context.

Arturo López
Andrés Motato

The workshop searched to improve the student analysis and proposal competences in consolidate areas. At the end of the course students must understand land subdivision, typologies, valuations and alternative options to re-develop the blocks in the selected area. The submitted project shows a good answer to a typical occupation problem in a block with remaining buildings from the original development. The student proposal was done with interesting design solutions in a complex context.

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