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Part 2 Project 2006
William Bond
Nicholas Morrison
Edinburgh College of Art | UK
The wealth of the context to this project provided the initial stimulus and the testing mechanism to the entire design process. Investigating ideas of Contemporary Architectural Intervention, the ancient stones of the site, and their amorphous changes over history, define a narrative to which the project provides the subsequent chapter.
Within the building, the scheme divides two differing functions and behaviours; a formal public architectural language, intertwined with an informal and more playful private route.
Materiality and tectonic form aspire to provide an identity that is of its own yet within the rhythm and spirit of this evocative place.

William Bond
Nicholas Morrison

This project explores the territory of Contemporary Architectural
Intervention. Will Bond has been an exemplary student and approached each task with an enthusiasm and brio. He is responsive to the complexities of working within Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site, thoughtful in his approach and articulate in his manipulation of tectonic form to enrich the city. He adopts an iterative approach to design, simultaneously working through a succession of scale models, free-hand sketches and computer drawings. An appreciation of literature (and its evocative power) pervades his work and is allied to an eclectic (if sensitive) employment of different materials.


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