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Propagating a Green Corridor

Part 2 Project 2006
Richa Mukhia
Architectural Association | UK
The project tackles the integration of landscape and urban infrastructure in relation to the Thames Gateway Bridge and the East London Green Grid. The ambition being the exploitation of urban green spaces as more an entire system than an archipelago.
The proposed strategy for the extension of a green-space network, operates at various scales, creating a multi-layered habitat and a green solution to a multitude of political and physical problems.
A central theme investigated during the course of the project is that of architectural representation in the public realm. A more direct form of representation is proposed in order to open up the design process to public debate and participation.

Richa Mukhia

Re-imagining the existing political, community and design networks, Richa’s project exploits the middle ground between the region’s most significant infrastructural proposal, the Thames Gateway Bridge and the landscape strategy for a Green Grid in East London promoted by the Greater London Authority. The proposal re-introduces the forgotten spaces of the public realm and the disenfranchised communities of the Gateway as the protagonists of new development. A new type of landscape infrastructure is realised that is able to visualise the potentials of the Green Grid to the public while allowing active participation in the creation of the same. Richa’s innovative work will be published in a forth coming publication on the Green Grid précised by the Major of London.

Mr Theo Lorenz, Mr Neil Davidson and Mr Peter Staub

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