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4 Star Project in the Eastern Island

Part 2 Project 2006
Ernesto Berli
Ariel Bonomo
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
The work is about a fifty two rooms five star hotel situated in
Easter Island, right in the middle of the south Chilean Pacific.

It postulates architecture as a way of contemplation and devotion
of astros, nature, and past; whiches define its caracter. Its site,
over a clift nearest to the unique beach area and historic Moais,
allows to think the project throughout addition, subtraction and
translation of circle volumes, platonic, compositive and
armonic shapes for exelence, whiches get related to the field, its
pendients and natural mistic enviorment.

Ernesto Berli
Ariel Bonomo

Conceptual clarity of the generating idea. This is achieved by respecting the natural and cultural environment.
The steeping and concentric configuration of the shape highlights the tourist nature of the project.
The building has a clear functional organization which invites you to enjoy pleasant indoors without sacrificing the outdoors

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