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Aquatic Research Facility - Lake Windermere

Part 2 Project 2006
Nicholas Fenton
University of Lincoln Lincoln UK
The Aquatic Research Facility is underpinned by a necessary concern for the ecology, environment and infrastructure of Lake Windermere. My extensive research into the ecology of Lake Windermere revealed the ecologically debilitating effects of the lake’s resident Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria).

The Cyanobacteria's evolution is defined by it’s response to the effects of movement and light on its aquatic environment. This remarkable phenomenon was harnessed as a defining force in the evolution of the scheme.

For me, the architectural expression of the project reflects the microscopic evolutionary processes observed and provides an appropriate relationship between the water and the land.

Nicholas Fenton

The body of work is the result of a sustained period of intense, intellectual and creative exploration.
It exhibits a clear conceptual corollary and an incisive line of non-traditional investigation.
The translation from observed phenomena to architectural expression is handled with maturity and confidence and, reveals a profound aesthetic sensibility.
Evident in the work is a clear understanding of the primacy of ideas, as is the ability to control the integration of these ideas with real-world parameters to produce a responsible and resonant piece of architecture.
The scheme’s success is derived from the author’s architectural rigour and poetic insight.

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