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Part 1 Project 2006
George Wilson
Margarita Andreeva
Sheffield Hallam University | UK
eFlow is an urban solution to the current environmental context. Offering a range of accommodation eFlow embraces the mix of cultures and values imposed on it by the users and will therefore serve not just one community but be a mediator between many. eFlow highlights the state of the global environment and showcases solutions offered to what are believed to be addressable problems. Informative and thought provoking eFlow promotes ‘green’ education, industry and economics at grass roots level. These functions, just as the cultures, are not exclusive and connect and support each other.
George Wilson
Margarita Andreeva

This project has been selected in recognition of its visionary response to every aspect of the project requirements and possibilities. Contextually it seeks attention, standing boldly and safely above flood threat of the Ouse, yet carefully stitches into the city grain. Functionally it operates elegantly, as discreet activities, yet cross-connections and opportunities for incidental exchange abound. Technically it takes on risks, but all is credibly and convincingly resolved. Environmentally it is responsive, provocative, informative and playful.

eFlow would both demand and reward a visit.


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