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Scottish City / Scottish Landscape

Part 2 Project 2006
Laura Kinnaird
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh UK
The architectural conclusions rely not only on the beauty of clean forms and materials but on the exceptional control of the special impression the buildings give to their environment.

The simplicity of the architectural forms have an elegance which is achieved through precision, craftsmanship skills, transformation and language of materiality – creating attractiveness to the simplicity and clarity of the architecture. I have experimented with the coalition of colour, light/dark, inside/outside, natural/manmade, horizontal/vertical as an effective interpretation of our holistic response to place.

The main psychological intensity is found in the contrast between urban form/industrial water and a landscape/natural water.

Laura Kinnaird

Scottish Landscape

The portfolio demonstrates a stunning and powerful expression of the genius loci of the Scottish natural landscape. The design interpretation is borne out of the deep ontological forces of the chosen place producing a most poetic building which, not only sits in harmony with its natural surroundings, but intensifies the awareness and attachment to the place. Carl Jung’s theory of attachment is the model for the analysis, interpretation and making of the architecture.

Dr Faozi Ujam

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