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The illicit flâneur

Part 1 Project 2006
Marcos Zotes-López
London South Bank University London UK
This project aims to promote socio-cultural interaction in Peckham. The narrative is derived from the film ‘The illicit flâneur’: an illicit journey through the chaotic streets of Peckham, revealing the city as the scenario for this unauthorized interaction.
Exploring Peckham’s cultural diversity, the project superposes different layers of both expected and illicit activity into the urban fabric of the city creating a new landscape of cultural relations. The urban wave, as a metaphor, defines both the physical and cultural agenda: a dynamic organism to be discovered and defined by community, arts, education, entertainment, leisure, retail, infrastructure, sustainability and also illicit activity.

Marcos Zotes-López

This project begins with the illicit pleasure of skateboarding in Peckham participating in the chaotic, multicultural and transitory experiences of the city.
Is it possible to design an environment that can simulate this experience? A gap railway site was identified and a covering thrown over it to make an new inside outside landscape. The large plated roof acts as a new layer in the city affording the possibilities for events and social interaction. The architecture subtly becomes an environment to be colonised by the expected and the illicit. The action of the skateboard both begins and completes the project.

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