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Cycles of Nature

Part 1 Project 2006
Stephen Donkin
Kingston University, UK
Aldeburgh is a picturesque fragile coastal town that resides behind a man made sea defence wall which protects it from being appropriated by the sea. Phase one of this project was to design a Market that would trade in the fruits of land and sea. The second phase of this project was to create a Climate Research Centre that uses the study of nature as a way of reading and understanding climate change. Both projects have a close relationship with the community which has been achieved by engaging with the towns promenade.
Stephen Donkin

Stephen’s work has a metaphoric basis. Beginning by reading the coastal town of Aldeburgh through the conditions of water and air. A fish market is built from a series of water channels that inform processes of preparation attached to the local fishing industry. A tense disjunction between this infrastructure and a vernacular fragment [smoke house], grafted back to the street edge. Combined with a climate research unit linked to UEA, Stephen’s strategy reconsolidates the traditional promenade as a new economic framework for this coastal town. The proposal is sensitively attached and t bold in it’s modification of the urban structure.

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