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Reach and Drift - Retracing steps to the Thames

Part 2 Project 2006
Oscar Lawrence
Lim Kun Yi James
University of Nottingham | UK
The lack of continuity along stretches of the Thames Path means that London’s inhabitants are often detached from direct experience of the river. This project realigns and extends the riverside walk through the provision of a river-based transport interchange. The facility enhances understanding of the river and its subtle nuances through an interpretive route related to the passenger flows of arrival and departure. The constructed intervention exploits the characteristics of London’s distinct reaches through emphasising the transition from land, to foreshore, to water. The three distinct sections utilise tidal flow and fluctuations in its various guises to psychologically and emotionally alter experience and perception of this turbid river.
Oscar Lawrence
Lim Kun Yi James

This project investigates and inhabits a ‘reach’ on the Thames. Working intuitively with the “turbid” river and rationally by recording and researching, the enormous energy and dedication of the student is impressive.

Often ignored, the ‘reach’ is reclaimed for the public realm. Structures are allowed to flex, rise and fall with tidal movements. Waterside elements are hinged to the permanent structure to allow for relocation at another reach and for new prospects to be addressed.

The project seeks to lead to a greater understanding of the fragile relationship between man and this “turbid” water.


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