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Suburban Sky

Part 2 Project 2006
Ahmad FN Harun
Oxford Brookes University, UK
The subject for this project is suburbia,
examining various suburbia and their representations.The site is Hillingdon,London outskirt which the light pollution become a major concern.Creeping urban sprawl invading the suburbs, creating horrifying environmental catastrophe.
People in the suburbs demand for a dark and starry sky , to make galaxies visible to challenge the mind, induce the rational,part of the rural ingredients need to be protected. Inspired by ‘Calvino’s Invinsible Cities' so the suburban sky is created ,splitting the suburb vertically into two areas, act as a bubble park for the community to enjoy the night sky.

Ahmad FN Harun

This project assumes a city sprawl without an ozone layer and a need for shade and solar energy. Suburbia and environmental catastrophe go hand in hand and the city-country divide has gone. Over Hillingdon an inflated solar shade/collector for the borough is created that also works as a night park. Up here the sky is deep blue/black and you can see the stars. The interface between city and nature is now played out in vertical space. The project nurtures our nostalgia for the countryside by hanging dislocated fragments of it from it’s underbelly.

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