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Tate Futures

Part 1 Project 2006
Aimee O'Carroll
University of Cambridge, UK
My research into the twin methods by which we circulate within galleries and view art led me to the design of a gallery that opposes conventional cellular gallery space in favour of a more porous matrix.
Through the use of folded and articulated planes and the manipulation of a light/shadow gap, my architecture enables the viewer to experience the gallery as an uninterrupted whole.
By blurring the differentiation of ‘circulation space’ and ‘viewing space’, I suggest an architectural reconfiguration of atomized artworks, allowing them to be rearranged within a continuous experience that accentuates new, surprising readings and relationships.

Aimee O'Carroll

The design studio critically reflected upon the role of architecture in the contemporary art gallery, and the role of space in relation to newer developments like installation, performance, sound art and new media.

The year’s project mirrored Herzog & deMeuron’s own, secret development for a new extension to Tate Modern. Students focused on methods of display and their wider relationship to complementary programme.

Aimee’s exceptional project exploded the linear cellularity of conventional galleries, exploiting their defining features (shadow gaps, skylights, planar walls) as opportunities for interconnection and cross reference, allowing the architectural fabric to participate in the curation itself.

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