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to inhabit the water on the mountain: natural spring water baths in the Andes

Part 2 Project 2006
SuYin Chia
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
The project, a hot spring water bath natural retreat, is inserted in a context of untouched geography and severe climatic conditions: mountain landscape, low temperatures, high solar radiation and snow levels up to 3 meters in winter.
Based on this context, the project pretends to generate conditions of habitability; to be IN FRONT and WITHIN the landscape, to be part of it. With this concept in mind, the way to proceed consists of the construction of a path, REconstructing the erosion that water produces on the slope land and turn this path into a circulation axis that relates a sequence of detentions as much for the foot as for the water, formed from cuts in the slope.

SuYin Chia

The Project is focused in terms of conceiving the architecture as a result of the natural conditions and resources, without interfering the landscape. It is located at the interior central zone of the Andes mountains of Chile, near Santiago, area that has a great attraction for its scenes and due to its big touristical potential.

The climatic conditions are very tough (very cold winters, high solar radiation and great altitude), but are managed with great sensibility in the project by controlling the temperature of a natural spring of volcanic waters and by the clever incorporation of the slope in the architecture. On the other hand, incorporates simple building strategy by using natural stones available, achieving unity with the landscape.

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