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Part 1 Project 2006
Angela Maria Marin Zapata
National University of Colombia-Medellin Medellin Colombia
This project develops an architectural work combining pedagogy and art.
Determinants: party walls blind project laterally.
Solution: mass excavation creates an inner patio continuing void of neighbouring building. Light is taken from patio to lighten spaces.
The project is an assemble system of interacting volumes, binding the various activities. The inner patio connects both volumes, allowing pedestrian circulation.
Space usability achieved by thrust outs trying to escape from the mass, giving movement and choices to the project.
The library, locus of learning and doing and main project element connects circulation in volumes and shows the links among the disciplines imparted there.

Angela Maria Marin Zapata

Our fourth semester project workshop aims to relation between public space and the building. For to develop this objective, this level professors encourage students for design an School of Visual Arts into an extreme urban parcel between two residential towers in Medellin’s downtown.

This project has been nominated for his clear and simple solution to this architectural problem. The proposal divide the building program in two principal vertical volumes for create and inner patio frankly relationed with La playa street, one of the must important streets of downtown.

Professor Juan Carlos Castañeda Acero.

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