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Urban Forest - Architectural Symbiosis

Part 1 Project 2006
Maciej Debski
University of Lincoln, UK
The project calls back the disturbing and unsettling impression of incompatibility between organic and non-organic elements gathered in the research process.

The conclusions of the study of human vertical translocation were used on several semantic levels to create design principles for development of a new quality of cityscape.

The idea of organic/non-organic interaction is used literally. The existing Rotunda building will be refurbished into an apartment tower, where the emphasis is put on a creation of the living space of unique quality. The use of particular location as well as the structure, will allow the forest to grow out of the building in an unusual architectural symbiosis.

Maciej Debski

The scheme is predicated upon the examination of the unique intercourse between informal human activity and the formal structure of a man-made cityscape fragment.
The early stages of the design process focussed upon revealing the linguistic, spatial and architectural potentials of momentary human events traced and transposed against their immediate environment.
The simple actions of people on a set of stairs were revealed as events of unnerving beauty.
The resultant project is one that crystallises the uneasy symbiosis between that which is fluid and malleable and that which is rational, defining and ultimately unrelenting.

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