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Residential Complex in Sofia

Part 1 Project 2007
Svetoslav Michev
University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia Bulgaria
The project represents a residential building situated near a main boulevard in Sofia. It has five floors with fourty appartments and studios in total.
The main goal of the concept was to create a variegated, spontaneous and rich environment, enhancing the feeling of uniqueness of the residents.
All finishing materials were chosen to intensify the impression of informality and to create various light effects.
The "second facade" provides the appartments with soft, diffuse light via its wooden lattices and mated glass panels.
The inner facades are treated with structural mated and transperant glass panels.

Svetoslav Michev

The project presents a non-traditional way to create new lifestyle in an urban context. It shows brilliant comprehension in regards to space and architectural form, good skills in creating comfortable living space and profound knowledge of finishing materials.
A modern interpretation of the monastery tradition, the peripheral residential units enclose a nice courtyard. This creates unique place in the dense urban environment, which combines the privacy of the internal open space with apartments widely open to the mountain.
The integration of closed and open spaces perforates the solid structure. Gardens and flats interweave to create the feeling lightness and transparency.

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