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Urban Displacement

Part 1 Project 2007
Regan Appleton
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
The building aims to support the local subcultures evolution by providing the vibrant Parkour scene of Liverpool with a core in which to inspire, provoke and safely promote the practices participation. Facilities are designed to provide the loose, subversive community with a base from which traceurs can be trained and then encouraged to explore the surrounding urban landscape in new ways. The architecture which encompasses this culture is itself born out of the practices urban forms, movement and visually becomes a metaphor in its conservative urban context to that of the practitioners’ body when compared to their surrounding social context.
Regan Appleton

Inspired by fluidity and elegance in body movement, the building form of the Parkour / Freerun training centre grows and moulds itself into its site next to Lime Street station as an empathic gesture that celebrates dynamism and movement in urban life.
Seen externally, the multi-faceted spine wall provides a visual contrast to the city grid whilst internally it contains an urban landscape that is offered up to the participants and the public alike forming an arena for events.
The project is a spirited exploration of landscape, form and a meaningful response to contemporary youth culture.

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