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Twickenham Cider Mill

Part 2 Project 2007
Nick Jones
Kingston University, UK
Once famous for its market gardening and extensive orchards Twickenham has lost much of its particular character and culture through the development of suburbia and the recognition of this established the parameters for a project which engages with the historical identity of the area. The initial phase of the project is the planting of a seed orchard which over time permeates the suburban context establishing a network of orchards across Twickenham. The mill acts as a centre reviving traditional aspects of cider production and craft with a sensitivity for the cycle and processes of the environment.
Nick Jones

This year the diploma developed sites in Twickenham looking at the consequences of living on the fringes of the city. The Twickenham Cider Mill brief emerged from the history of brewing in the area which had utilised the water from the nearby River Crane. However, over a number of years suburbia has consumed these breweries and canalised the river. This project presents a reintroduction of cider-making within this suburban brownfield site creating an orchard which extends into the surrounding domestic gardens, reintroducing the inhabitants to the seasons of agricultural production - including festivals and the blossoming of the whole area.

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