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Paper Cinema

Part 1 Project 2007
Barry Wark
University of Strathclyde, UK
Paper cinema is the product of thorough research and questioning into the notion of cinema. From my observations and findings I concluded that it was the social interaction surrounding the film that made the “experience”. Having a temporary structure that had a parasitic relationship with successful cafés/bars would enhance this. The other significant aspect of cinema is cost. By using paper I managed to create a cinema that is low cost and ecological. Making cinema more accessible to the less fortunate. Paper Cinema has further potential to form a Film City, as a festival, or travel to remote locations.

Barry Wark

The project Urban Cinema is nominated on the grounds of the nominee's
individual and independent response to the programme set. This required the resolution of an urban building of cultural programme. The nominee identified a unique approach to the expectation of a single static building, questioning the nature of the brief, identifying other requirements and taking the investigation to a notable level of cultural implication, urban response and technical detail. (1.1 study)

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