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Cyclotel, Edinburgh Waverley

Part 1 Project 2007
George Woodrow
University of Edinburgh Edinburgh UK
Edinburgh Waverley, located in the heart of the city, is one of Britain’s most unique railway stations. This proposal for a cyclist’s hotel, or “Cyclotel”, reinvents the historic link between hotels and rail infrastructure.

Sited at the southern boundary of the station, the project offers the opportunity not only for a new design but importantly the regeneration of a neglected part of the station and city.

Finally the Cyclotel ensures that the relationship between the bicycle and the train, one that has existed for over a century, is maintained; yet reformulated for the conditions of today’s ever-dynamic urban environment.

George Woodrow

An intelligent and subtle project that inserts a long and sinuous cycling hotel into the space above a train platform in Waverely Station, Edinburgh. The station itself is remarkable, a facadeless building plugging the valley in the centre of the city. George Woodrow’s project truly grasps the particularity of the site, working wonderfully well with the station’s circulation patterns and building relationships outward into the surrounding city. Through its carefully modulated section, the building sequences the vertical transition from public facilities to private rooms in a thoroughly convincing way, exploiting the views gained above the level of the station roof.

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