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Bridges of the watchtowers

Part 2 Project 2007
Andrea Pino Vasquez
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
To grab the air on the top of Valparaíso

The Idea of this project is foundered on the possibility to live in a thin watchtower.

This housing project is a conjunct of five bridges, witch each one of them has five little growing houses and a hypostyle garden.

two concept

Durability watchtower membrane
Amplitude Incremental void

The bridge is a huge concave place where you can access to the houses.
Each house has four incremental voids, disposes between the structures of the building, where the people can complete those voids, giving to this housing conjunct a complex way to grow.

Andrea Pino Vasquez

This Project have a strength idea about living in Valparaiso, recognizing is urban structure and how she grows.
That’s why this project takes the decision to be on the top of Valparaiso and control a new form of growing’s for this city.
Also this project have is own form to grow, having minimal spaces but resplendent in his amplitude with the natural context.

Finally the project possesses a such ripeness that is completely possible of constructing.

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