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Peckham Sky Gardens

Part 1 Project 2007
Thomas Mccreesh
University of Brighton, UK
A bold sustainable community for urban environments, regenerates unutilized space above a railway line. Three towers rise above, containing flexible accommodation units responding to climate, surroundings and the occupant. Between these three arms Sky Gardens suspend; ergonomically designed to provide the best environment for the gardener, therefore producing a higher yield.
At various levels secluded unprogrammed spaces exist, mimicking the few locations of ambience in the surrounding area; evoking relaxation and spectacular views over London.
The scheme is a prototype for green living in urban environments, that challenges the negative stereotype sustainability possesses, whilst having potential to be replicated.

Thomas Mccreesh

Tom’s proposal takes on a number of issues related to sustaining the contemporary city, in particular responding to the enormous environmental impact of remote food production. The scheme recognizes the potential for intensifying the utilization of land above infrastructure, in this case a railway line, and proposes a replicable, but tolerant structure which can adjust to local conditions. As tutors we have enjoyed watching the play between poetics and pragmatics as the sky garden proposal developed. Alongside its formal development Tom has paid attention to understanding the quality of life issues offered by this mix of living, working and growing.

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