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Burrell in the city

Part 2 Project 2007
Timothy Clark
University of Strathclyde, UK
The ‘vertical’ gallery is a typology that rarely exists, yet the new figurative art gallery on Central Station boldly takes up the challenge of designing galleries that are inspiring, enjoyable spaces to enjoy art without the fatigue and repetitiveness that tower architecture can offer. The sub-division of the building’s mass brings clarity to the user’s experience creating a variety of spaces that use unique atmospheres and direct contact with the city’s landscape to orientate the user within the building and the city. Essential to the building’s success is creating a meaningful connection to Glasgow Central Station worthy of the city’s most public landmark to powerfully, yet simply, landmark the Burrell as an important civic monument.
Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark’s city centre picture gallery for the Burrell Collection pulls off a remarkable architectural feat. He has created a contemporary urban landmark which nevertheless has a crucial relationship to its 19th century neighbour. In addition, he has arranged a wholly believable and memorable sequence of gallery spaces for the display and enjoyment of pictures while at the same time allowing the visitor the refreshment of regular contact with the immediate and distant urban landscape. He has designed an inhabited campanile of art adjacent to the great glazed cathedral of Glasgow Central station, linking the city’s most memorable public space with what would be the arriving visitors’ introductory impression of a bold 19th century city growing confidentally once more towards a new future .

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