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Part 2 Project 2007
Alberto Gil Ferreira da Silva
Bruno Miguel da Silva Carvalho Moreira
Universidade do Porto 4150-755 Porto Portugal
Trofa is presently an uncharacterized territory, abandoned by its inhabitants. People are there but they don’t live there.
Two main problems arise: a disconnection between the city and the river and a railway that cuts the city in two.
Simultaneously, these are two potentialities: the river front as background to playful activities, and the deactivated railway turned into an avenue with qualified public spaces, connected by a new urban compatible public transportation system.
We preserve. We qualify. we potentiate. We reject the “tabula rasa”.

Alberto Gil Ferreira da Silva
Bruno Miguel da Silva Carvalho Moreira

The urban requalification proposals developed by these students in the academic year of 2005/2006 taking as subject the urban area of Trofa city, show a focused and critic exercise regarding the interpretation of a complex reality such as the one visible in that territory of diffuse and disperse urbanism.
The solutions developed for areas that now stand out as new urban spaces and that, simultaneously, reframe and reformulate spaces of proximity with an element as important and determining as the Ave River, illustrate a creative research that tries to find out a transforming synthesis of the territory and its qualifications.

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