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Photographic Gallery - Graz

Part 1 Project 2007
Ioannis Pinakos
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield UK
The Photographic Gallery aims to revitalise a neglected corner of the dense, historical centre of Graz. The concept draws inspiration from the existing urban fabric, with its complex circulation routes through a network of alleys and courtyards that form the connections between the major streets. The human scale of Graz is continued by respecting and adhering to neighbouring building lines. Light is used as a tool to express a solid corner; a tool that plays a game with impression and expression. The earthy concrete becomes translucent at night, projecting the heart of the building, the gallery, to its surroundings.
Ioannis Pinakos

This Photographic Gallery in Graz, Austria has been chosen by the School because of its elegant response to a tight corner site within Graz’s historic region. The form is articulate in its expression and provides a focus to both pedestrians and vehicles. There is sophistication to the materiality and careful consideration of lighting, movement and circulation. It is a project that explores and exposes the urban fabric as inhabited wall, and plays with notions of image and projection, of time passing and of the expression of the moment.

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